PTI Official APK Latest Version Free Android Download

PTI social team presents PTI Official App. It is available for Both Android as well as Iphones. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Official Android App is now up and ready for download. Click on the download button provided to you by the end of the page. You will  get PTI Official App in PTI Official APK format. Install and start using PTI Official App on your and Android right away.
 PTI's Official App enables all the INSAFIANS to get latest updates regarding party matters and all other activities on their Android Phones, Iphones and Tablets.  Having this app on your smartphone lets you have first hand access to the Party (PTI) Ideology, constitution and policy.

In addition to that, there is also built-in vote verification facility in this app. You can send your CNIC to Election Commission of Pakistan and verify your vote so that you will be able to find your constituency where you  will be casting your vote. This is quite remarkable feature added to the PTI Official App.

Morever, PTI Official app makes it easy for every INSAFIAN and anyone who want to join different campaigns being carried out by PTI. You can sign up as volunteer to actively participate in such campaigns.  Listen to the Insaf Radio, Insaf TV and share video related to the party with your friends and family.
Contributing to the the party funds and other social campaigns has now become more easy. You can own the piece of movement by donating. Movements like Shoukat Khanam Hospital has been highly popular and successfully accomplished via funding.  Set more examples like that and make the cause successful now via your own PTI Official App.

You can now get live news feed of PTI Events, Press Releases and get live feeds of Facebook and Twitter updates.

  • Get latest updates
  • Join Tabdeeli Campaign
  • Watch Insaf TV and Listen Insaf Radio and share videos
  • Social Media Integration ( get Facebook and Twitter updates)
  • Make Donations
  • Provide party policies and other essentials
It is quite easy to  download PTI Official APK from our site. Install PTI Official App on your Smartphone and get access to the party policies, constitution, Insaf TV and Insaf radio and many more….

PTI Official APK Details:

Name: PTI Official

Developer: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf NA, LLC 


Version: 1.0

Requirements: 2.2 and up